July 11th will be Facial Privacy Day!

Protest the proliferation of facial recognition cameras in public places by wearing a mask or a veil in all public places and in your cars.

Celebrate Facial Privacy – Wear a mask!
For Detroiters the peak of the protest will be at the Board of Police Commissioners meeting starting at 6:30 PM at the Durfee Innovation Society, 2470 Collingwood Street, Detroit, MI 48206.

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About us

Detroit Residents Advancing Civilian Oversight (D.R.A.C.O) is dedicated to educating Detroiters on the roll of the Detroit Board of Police Commissioners so they may exploit this resource to protect the liberties and safety of themselves and their neighbors.

This is an episode of the WHPR TV33 program, “Get Up Stand Up” Which is hosted and produced by Minister Malik Shabazz. This November 14, 2017 broadcast featured Community organizer, Robert Lewis Robinson II; D.R.A.C.O founder, Scotty Boman; 5th District Police Commissioner Willie Burton; and former Judge Linda Bernard.