Kathy Montgomery (left) and Kinda McKinney-Anderson (Right) hold vigil outside courthouse on April 4, 2023.
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DRACO’s Response to Dewayne Jones Assault Case Outcome

By Scotty Boman, Founder
Detroit Residents Advancing Civilian Oversight

On April 4th Sargent Dewayne B. Jones was scheduled for a Final pretrial hearing, in the courtroom of Honorable E. Lynise Bryant on assault charges. These were pertaining to the emergency room beating of patient Sheldy Smith on August 1st 2018. However, nothing was streamed from that courtroom that morning. The register of action for that hearing indicated that the defense had requested an adjournment, in other-words the hearing was to be postponed. As of the evening of April 4th, no new hearing date was posted.

Members of Detroit Residents Advancing Civilian Oversight (DRACO) and other concerned citizens, had been vigilant in following the court schedule. The April 4th hearing was to be the 4th “final” pre-trial hearing. At previous “final” pre-trial hearings the prosecution and defense attorneys said the were still in negotiations for a possible agreement. They were outside the 36th District that day to express their displeasure with the way this case was handled and with the failure of the Board of Police Commissioners (BOPC) to Provide meaningful civilian oversight of the Detroit Police Department.

Kathy Montgomery (left) and Kinda McKinney-Anderson (Right) hold vigil outside courthouse on April 4, 2023.
Kathy Montgomery (left) and Kinda McKinney-Anderson (Right) hold vigil outside courthouse on April 4, 2023.

On April 5th the Register of actions revealed that there had been a hearing on the morning of April 4th, and that the charge had been changed to Disorderly Conduct. It also showed a plea of nolo contendere on the part of Jones. There was an additional hearing on April 5th where a sentencing hearing for May 12th was Scheduled (thereby implying that the court had found Jones to be guilty).

I have heard from a number of community members who share my opinion that the courts and prosecution have been far too lenient on Dewayne Jones. The felony misconduct charges should be reintroduced (if possible under the new plea agreement). Reclassifying the assault to being disorderly conduct doesn’t change the fact that said conduct was an act of violence. There is some solace in the fact that the courts have, again, found jones guilty of a crime. Based on his plea he won’t be able to appeal this misdemeanor.

Still it was an injustice that Jones got probation on the initial assault charge with no jail time. We are hopeful, but not holding our breath, that the court will have Jones serve some time on this latest charge. It was also unjust for him to be promoted to Sargent from Corporal while the prior guilty verdict was still in effect. The city failed to address the contractual loophole that enabled Jones to be promoted, in violation of the Detroit City Charter, after the BOPC had unanimously denied it.

Still the greatest injustice is the fact that the victim, Sheldy Smith, has been held against her will (at the Walter P. Reuther Hospital), without charge, and prohibited from giving her side of the story. Family members, including her Sister Ashley, have been denied visitation or communication with her. Meanwhile her victimizer walks free.

DRACO members, NAN members, and Sacred Heart Minister Eric Blount Demanding acountability in the DPD. Literacy activist John Telford in front.
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Dewayne Jones (Cop on video beating patient) Third Pretrial for Third Trial This


Scotty Boman, D.R.A.C.O. Founder (Event organizer)
Phone: (313) 247-2052 [Voice Only] Texting Phone: (313) 338-9769 [Text Only]

Ashley Smith, victim’s sister
Phone:  (254) 290-7303

Lory Parks, National Action Network
Phone: (313) 492-6774
February 24th, 2023

Dewayne Jones (Cop on video beating patient) Third Pretrial for Third Trial This Friday


When: Hearing at 9:10 AM News Conference 11:00 AM Friday February 24th
Where: 36th District Court building 421 Madison Street. Detroit, MI 48226.
Hearing: “Court room” of Honorable E. Lynise Bryant.
(There is a link to view the hearing remotely in the 36th District Court website).
Third “Pre-trial Hearing” for Case No. 1806106901. Dewayne Berran Jones. Assault and battery case.
Why now? Dewayne Jones’ 3nd pretrial hearing (for his third trial) is at 9:10 AM.

Detroit, MI – Sargent Dewayne B. Jones is scheduled to have a third trial. The first pretrial hearing, for this third trial, was on November 1st 2022 but prosecuting attorney Joshua Holman asked for an extension. He said he wanted more time to discuss the potential of a third trial with the defense. The same thing happened again on December 20th and the prosecutor gave the same reason.  Previously, a hung jury caused a mistrial on October 14th. The first jury trial ended in a verdict of “Guilty” in the  August 1st 2018 assault of emergency room patient and mother Sheldy Smith. Jones was a corporal at the time of the conviction. The second trial was granted in response to an appeal.

Members of Detroit Residents Advancing Civilian Oversight (DRACO), National Action Network, and others, Will hold a news conference outside the 36th District Court, at 11:00 AM this Friday to give their reaction to the outcome of the hearing. They will also express their outrage with the injustice surrounding the August 2018 beating of hospital patient Sheldy Smith by then-Corporal Dewayne B. Jones. They called for reforms and a more effective Board of Police Commissioners.

Jones was convicted of assault and battery in connection with the beating, but received a promotion to the rank of Sergeant by the Detroit Police Department. His penalty for the assault was probation, but he could still be tried for a felony misconduct charge because it was dismissed without prejudice on January 15th 2019. Activists are calling on Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy to reintroduce those charges, given the large amount of video evidence that surfaced, and the fact that Jones still had a badge and a gun while on probation.

On April 21st 2021 Jones was granted a new trial. On Wednesday January 12th he had the initial pre-trial hearing in the courtroom of Judge E. Lynise Bryant at 11:00 AM.  On August 1st the Final Pretrial was rescheduled to August 10th.

DRACO founder Scotty Boman said, “Dewayne Jones was able to get a promotion in spite of being a convicted violent criminal…He wasn’t held accountable.  Now he is trying to be exonerated while his victim (Sheldy Smith) remains captive and isolated from her family.  This isn’t justice.”


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Statement from D.R.A.C.O. After the Trial of Dewayne B. Jones

On the afternoon of September 13th Defense Council Margaret S. Raben and Prosecuting attorney Joshua C. Holman delivered closing arguments, and the fate Sargent Dewayne Jones was placed in the hands of the Jury.

Jones is charged with the misdemeanor assault of patient and mother Sheldy R. Smith on August 1st 2018 at Detroit Receiving Hospital. Scotty Boman is the founder of Detroit Residents Advancing Civilian Oversight (DRACO). This is his statement on behalf of that group:

In the first days of the trial the court performed its due diligence in impaneling an impartial jury. The court limited arguments to avoid the introduction of opinions from civilians as to whether Jones’s use of force was reasonable. The defense made compelling arguments that Jones may have needed to use force during the encounter, however she failed to show that it was necessary, or legally reasonable, for Jones to punch Smith during critical moments. On Monday she even asked for a directed verdict.

The prosecuting attorney emphasized that, under law, force must be permissible at the time that the action occurred or the defendant’s behavior would be a battery. So the moments that mattered were the same moments captured by cell-phone videographer Ciara Morgen, who was in the waiting room when the beating started. Under law the force must be necessary for defensive purposes or for an officer to carry out his lawful duty.

At the time the Jones began punching Smith, she was being lifted up by another officer, the other officer had her restrained while Jones delivered a dozen punches. He continued punching her after hospital staff indicated they had her, including blows to the back of her head and back while she was turned away from him. While her words were offensive and disturbing, Ms. Smith never hit any of the people involved. She struggled to break free, but not to attack. Clearly, as the prosecution indicated, there was no credible claim to self-defense. During those moments, it was not necessary to strike her as she was being restrained. One officer even tried to pull Jones back from Sheldy.

Clearly, the people proved their case. Jones is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Felony misconduct charges should also be reinstated. But this case is bigger than one man or one woman. There is clearly a need for systemic change. The Board of Police Commissioners (BOPC), in consultation with the Detroit Police Department (DPD), needs to revise use of force policies to unambiguously limit “hard hand” or “closed hand” (BKA Punching) to circumstances where it is the most effective method and is necessary. The new contract between the DPD and the Detroit Police Officers Association must include language that recognizes the authority of the BOPC as described in the Detroit City Charter.”


On September 14th Judge Bryant declared a mistrial due to a hopelessly deadlocked Jury.

On November 1st There was a pretrial hearing, but prosecuting attorney Holman asked to reschedule the hearing because of on going discussions with the defense.

The next pretrial hearing is scheduled for December 20th 2022.

Permission granted to reproduce, in whole or part, with attribution. Redaction of names (while retaining title) is recognized as reasonable editorial license and the statement may still be quoted.

Linda Bernard has asked us to post that DRACO did not have her approval to use her photo on the original flyer.
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District #2 Candidate Forum This Friday 10.09.2020

Linda D. Bernard was not available to participate in the forum.

Here is the formal letter she sent to DRACO.

Each candidate was sent a questionnaire. Here are their responses:

* The two balloted candidates informed Scotty Boman about this candidate on the day of the forum.  He was unable to find evidence that this candidate filed on the Wayne County Clerk website.  No campaign or contact information appeared in search results about him.  He will have an opportunity to have his responses to the candidate questionnaire posted on this website if he contacts DRACO.


Ashley Smith of Redd Clock Entertainment Group provided production assistance behind the scenes.

This was the original announcement of the event.

Detroit, MI – This Friday, October 9th 2020 Professor Deborah Burke and Attorney Linda Bernard will face off in a public debate. Each wants to be the Police Commissioner from District #2. Only one will be elected.

The forum goes from 7:00 PM and ends at 8:30 PM will be broadcast via the Zoom platform. The moderator will present questions to the candidates, but viewers will also be able to submit questions to be asked.

You can get a question in early using this form, or just bring it up using Zoom’s chat feature.

[Zoom information was provided.]

This forum is organized by Detroit Residents Advancing Civilian Oversight and is currently cosponsored by Detroit Peoples Task Force, Hood Research, and the Libertarian Party of Wayne County, Redd Clock Entertainment Group and Occupy Detroit. If your organization is interested in cosponsoring the event please use the contact form here.

Linda Bernard has asked us to post that DRACO did not have her approval to use her photo on the original flyer.
Linda Bernard has asked us to post that DRACO did not have her approval to use her photo on the original flyer. Update: Occupy Detroit has joined our team of cosponsors.

You are invited to a Zoom webinar.
When: Oct 9, 2020 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Topic: Detroit Police Board Commissioner – District 2 Candidate Forum Sponsored by D.R.A..C.O.
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Final Civilian Oversight Proposals

Since the listening phase of the Charter revision process ends on July 31st, 2020, this will be the final proposal by Civilian Oversight Citizen Focus Group. This post will be updated in the days ahead.