Don’t Play Dice With The Charter (Be Informed)

Please Chip In To Protect Civilian Oversight

Your vote on August 7th could save civilian oversight.

A NO vote on the Charter Revision will secure your right to elect Police Commissioners.

The Most Important Ballot Item Has Received The Least Attention

You will be asked if the City Charter should be revised. We won’t tell you how to vote, but here are some things you should know …

  • The current charter allows you to elect your police commissioner.
  • If a majority of Detroiters vote in favor of the charter revision, your right to elect a police commissioner could be taken away.
  • The BOPC is not part of the DPD, it provides civilian oversight to the Police Department. A charter revision could end civilian oversight.
  • The nine Charter Revision Commissioners would (if the measure passes) be chosen from the fifteen who have already filed their paperwork.  Their names haven’t even been reasonably publicized, and most of them would automatically end up on the commission.

I feel the people of Detroit should know who the November Charter candidates would be.  Here are their names:

1. Emily Dabish

2. Graham Davis

3. Michael Griffie

4. Taylor HArrell

5. Barissa Holmes

6. Lara A Hughes

7. Quincy Jones

8. Richard Mack

9. Denzel Anton McCampbell

10. Byron Dsderm

11. Tracy Peters

12. Nichole Small

13. JoAnna Underwood

14. Carol Weaver

15. Barbara Anne Wynder

It’s too late for additional candidates to add their names to the ballot.


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