Help Us Recount The Charter Revision Vote

What You Can Do

The Charter Revision (Detroit Proposal R) was missing from some ballots.

Please share this form so people, who’s ballots were missing the proposal, can fill it in:


We need a deposit of $25 per precinct to fund the recount.  We need this when we file (Probably Friday August 24th).  Pitch in what ever you can.  If we don’t raise enough to file, your contribution will be refunded:


Volunteer by completing this contact form:


Share this with everyone in Detroit if possible.  The more people we reach the better!

Why Recount The Charter Vote?

  • The Detroit Charter Revision Proposal (Proposal R) appeared to be unpopular going into the election.
  • The trend in the results reversed when the vote reporting website went offline election night… and it only “won” by 175 votes.
  • I have spoken to a few people who are willing to go on record that the Charter Revision Proposal WAS NOT ON THEIR BALLOTS.  I am reaching out to larger numbers to see if there are more.
  • One highly respected person was told by poll workers in the 25th precinct (Dickerson voting location) that the Proposal WOULD NOT BE ON THE PRIMARY BALLOT AND WOULD BE ON THE NOVEMBER BALLOT.
  • Almost 40% of the participating voters did not cast a vote on the proposal… (Was it missing from their ballots?).
  • This costly proposal would leave the revision up to a few people who are relatively unknown and got their paperwork in early.  Most will automatically be on the revision commission.
  • There are people working to take away your right to elect your own police commissioners.  A right you just got through the 2012 Charter.

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