Charter Commission, Detroit Charter, DRACO

Richard Mack ( Raw Questionnaire Responses )

How will your name appear on the ballot?

Richard Mack

What do you believe qualifies you to be on the Detroit Charter Commission?

20 years experience in union-side labor and civil rights law. I have written many union contracts and provisions of legislation. I have litigated under the Charter provisions. I also remain active in my local community (precinct delegate, etc) so I remain abreast of issues within the community.

Why do you want to be on the Detroit Charter Commission?

I want to protect and strengthen the interests of the people’s voice in government. Citizens should have access to the government operations that we pay for, more empowerment in our neighborhood groups, and transparency from all government leaders and government functions.

Would you support keeping a Board of Police Commissioners in the revised charter?

Definitely would

Would you support keeping a system whereby the majority of the Police Commissioners are elected?

Definitely would

Would you support the election of some of the Commissioners by district?

Other (please specify):
I would want to evaluate the pros and cons of this proposal, but would openly consider it.

Would you support the requirement that Commissioners be civilians at the time they are elected?

Probably would

Check powers or responsibilities you would like Police Commissioners to retain:

In consultation with the Chief of Police, and with the approval of the Mayor establish policies, rules and regulations.
Review and approve the departmental budget before its submission to the Mayor.
Receive and resolve, as provided in this chapter, any complaint concerning the operation of the Police Department and forward all allegations of criminality to the appropriate internal or external law enforcement agency for further investigation.
Act as final authority in imposing or reviewing discipline of employees of the department.
Make an annual report to the Mayor, the City Council, and the public of the department’s activities during the previous year, including the handling of crime and complaints, and of future plans.
The Board may subpoena witnesses, administer oaths, take testimony, and require the production of evidence.
The Board shall also appoint a Chief Investigator and such additional staff of investigators as it deems necessary.

Do you think it is a conflict of interest for former Detroit Police Officers to serve on the BOPC?

Other (please specify):
An inherent conflict appears to be present but I would consider situations where an exception could be made. Their presence could bring value to the BOPCs work (ie in an advisory / informational role).

I affirm the above statement.


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